Mikrokredite schaffen Perspektiven
Statt Almosen, Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe
Mikrokredite: Statt Almosen, Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe
Leben selbstbestimmt verändern
Mikrokredite schaffen Perspektiven in der Heimat.
Mikrokredite sind Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe
Mikrokredite helfen beim Aufbau einer Existenz


Main facts

About Vision:teilen e. V.

The winner is the one who shares

vision:teilen e.V. is a Franciscan initiative, which goal is to contribute to a more materialistically and mentally balanced world. The initiative was established in 2005 by two Franciscans Fr. Peter Amendt and Fr. Klaus-Dieter Diedershagen. In cooperation with Christian, public and other social organizations their projects target to overcome poverty and hardship, both on a local as well as on a global level.

Please find more information on vision:teilen e.V. on their webpage.

Vision:teilen’s micro credits

Microcredits are more than just a financial support. The borrowers, primarily women, are not only taught in basic skills such as accounting, administration or organization but they also experience team spirit, grassroots democracy and discipline. Our independently organized women’s groups are led and guided by a local sister or brother. The group provides stability to the borrowers and helps them to take over responsibility. And besides creating income generating activities, we would like to strengthen women’s position within the Kenyan society.The main purpose of vision:teilen’s microcredit projects is not to generate profits, but to create a sustainable self-help instrument for women. All paid-back loans will be reinvested in new local microcredit projects.

The experience from emerging countries of the past years shows that especially women handle borrowed money with high care. Their economic success not only contributes to their family’s income, but often to the whole region. And it provides women with more self-confidence and motivation.

Vision:teilen’s microcredit project is inspired by Muhammad Yunus’ proven model to fight poverty.


Our local partners

With vision:teilen, it is not the profit which stands in the foreground, but the support of women by enabling them to independently take care of their living.

Hereby our focus is to offer the groups guidance and training opportunities by a local sister of father of our partner Passionists order. Intensive training will also be one of our key priorities for the coming year. 


Position paper of vision:teilen’s micro credit project

100 Euro for a better life: today micro credits are an important mean of development aid for the poor who don’t own credit-worthy assets and therefore are excluded by banks from common economic activities. Whenever they were in need to lend money, they so far were dependent on so called money lenders, who demanded extraordinary interest rates and pay back options. Thus, often lenders were pulled into a swamp of debts. In 2012, vision:teilen followed the principles of Muhammad Yunus, founder of the micro credit system in Bangladesh and Nobel prize winner, and established a micro credit project in Kenya.

- Micro credits (up to 100 Euro per woman / year) are handed-out to small groups who cooperate for a common business concept and act as guarantors for each other

- Prior-ranking is the security of the starting loan for the groups of 15 members each, so they can start their businesses and expand it subsequently.

- Business concepts with a short turnover period are preferred, as the invested money including profit can be paid back during the year.

- Micro credits are particularly targeted for women who show more endurance power and stronger motivation, especially with the goal to provide food and education for their children.

 - An intensive, continuous and competed supervision of these group is crucial for their economic success. The first five groups, who already successfully paid back loans and interests, were accompanied by a supervising local sister. (Advisory, pay-back and contact at the office in Molo, Kenya).

- The overall coordination is in the hands of the Molo-based secretary of our partner organization vision:teilen-Kenya Assoc. (own legal entity).

- The total amount which is paid-back accounts for 110% of the initially handed out sum. The surplus of 10% is meant to cover all administration, operating and travel costs.

In Düsseldorf, a small group of motivated volunteers and donators accompanies the project. All initial financing comes from donations to vision:teilen, Düsseldorf. The provincial authority of the Land North Rhine Westfalia (Staatskanzlei) kindly provided a starting capital of 8,772 Euro, in line with the support of development projects of local associations in North Rhine Westfalia.

The year 2014 will be characterized by an even stronger focus on education and training: In May 2014, the first congress took place with many workshops for the new groups. Also, ten new groups will be granted a new loan to set up a business and so improve their economic situation significantly.  


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If you like to support a women group with your donation, you can either use our bank account or the online form below.

Our bank account at the Bank im Bistum Essen: 

IBAN DE45 3606 0295 0030 6870 19  BIC: GENODED1BBE
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If you wish to receive a donation receipt, please add your address in the remittance slip or contact the head office of vision:teilen. 

vision:teilen e.V.
Fr. Peter Amendt (Head)
vision:teilen e.V. 
Schirmerstraße 27
40211 Düsseldorf 
Fon:    0211-6683373
Fax:   0211-178 080 63

Office hours: Mon through Fri. 9.30 am - 1.00 pm and 1.30 pm - 5.00pm

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Alternatively you can use our online donation form, it is easy and safe.  

We say thank you for all your support in advance!