Small various businesses, Kasarani, Nairobi

Sr. Maria and the other sisters of the Little Sisters of St. Francis convent in Kasarani, near Nairobi, are very engaged to support refugees. In Kenya, refugees are without any rights and don't get any financial support. Therefore the sisters started to run a canteen at the hospital of the convent. Here they not...

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Small businesses, St. Francis Women, Mawego

These women around Sr. Mary Assumpta are HIV infected, with some of them AIDS has already broken out. But the group's bonding is strong. The more strong one obliged to take care of the sick ones and their children. And also their motivation for business is still high. They sell vegetables, bake bread,...

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Egg selling, Kisii

This is a new group, based in the commercial center Kisii. The women are widows and have been working together for quite a while already. One year ago they started with the egg selling business, which they would love to expand. They applied with us with a very neat bussiness plan. From the credit, they...

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Destitute Widows Group, Homa Bay

This group of young widows would like to expand their chicken farm. They already operate a small farm, but would like to enlarge its size in order to provide a sufficient income for all group members. The credit will be used to purchase barn equipment, fences and animals. 


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Mwisuti Fish Group, Mfangano Island

This group of fish sales women wanted to get independent from the large industrial fish producers. Previously they had to buy the raw fish from the factory, and after they processed it to dry fish, they had to sell it back to the factory. Only a poor profit remained for them. The micro credit enabled the women to...

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